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The Matrix-Q 9 Cyphers

The 9 Cyphers Presentation

Learn more about the Matrix-Q 9 Cyphers, Emotional Intelligence and the Human Evolution Timeline 

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Speaker: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Multidisciplinary Researcher, R&D Innovation Lead at the Matrix-Q Research Institute

The Presentation offers a direct and detailed introduction to the Matrix-Q Cyphers and an introduction for the use of the Matrix-Q MindSet DNA Smart Application and Matrix-Q Method Applied for Human Capacity Enhancement (Matrix-Q Human Typology System)


The role emotional intelligence plays for the future of humanity from the perspective of the challenges we need to face today (global pressing issues) and competences, skills, that the following 9 generations will need in order to achieve their goals.

We discuss in this presentation the Matrix-Q 9 Cyphers from the perspective of human evolution, its time line, in particular the stage of evolution we find ourselves as species today; and how emotional intelligence can bring us to the next level, bridging the gap: adaptive capacity (resilience), social-empathy, personal leadership, learning skills, circular thinking, strategic thinking, life-work balance, innovation capacity, communication, collaboration, time management and process management.

In 9+ steps we will review the 9 Matrix-Q Cyphers, and how can be utilised as a new language that will help us represent human capacity and human stages of development.

We will share examples and insights, details on each of the Matrix-Q Cyphers, sets of skills, emotions and tools, that are associated to each of them.

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