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Systemic impact levels

Systemic Impact

Systemic assessment involve the understanding that there are more than one level of influence, cause-action-outcome that takes place in relation to our life, decisions, business or nation.

As leaders, their capacity to create impact vary depending on the systemic impact level they are able to execute and influence

As well as for risk management, if the assessment of risk is done for one single level or several parallel streams or events are assessed.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute has developed a set of tools that help do systemic assessment ad models that help leaders implement systemic knowledge, for example for change management


One systemic assessment tool, useful for change management, facilitates the introduction of gender equity effectiveness, from the point of view of how individuals in an organization are capable to utilize their own male and female skills in order to enhance effectiveness at communication, collaboration, leadership, strategic planning and execution.

In other words how self-awareness on gender, would enable organizational change.

The chart below is an example of systemic impact assessment in combination to the field of gender, for which equity and equality enable advanced collective intelligence and sustainable growth, thanks to systemic implementation of change

Leadership & Systemic strategic Management

For practical use, the chart on the left can be utilized. But there are several approaches that can be developed for systemic thinking and systemic assessment. At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we utilize 9 tools for systemic assessment of impact and assessment of systemic skills in leaders.

In the case of Leadership, for the enhancement of strategic management skills, we provide training on the game: Matrix-9+ Multidimensional Strategic Board Game. For the practice of this game, self-awareness and the knowledge on DNA Types are both extremely important.

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