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Primordial Archetypes – The Journey of the Hero

The Journey of the Hero

The DNA Types describe as well potential stages of development of an individual along his/her life.

The ability of adaptation an individual has developed along his/her journey enable a more effective response to challenging circumstances.

In the ancient tribes rituals of initiation will mark in the life of the women or men stages of their development or new learnings, challenges they will be encouraged by their community or traditions to face.

In ancient mythology, heroes like Hercules, Perseo, and others will face a number of challenges that will bring them along a journey of self-enquire, assessment of own values, motivation and alignment, purpose, and journey of self-discovery facing the dark-side of themselves or in other words the unknown side, and by conquering it, brining it to the light of their consciousness or awareness, by becoming self-aware, engaging into the mastery of their subconscious mind, emotions or full potential.

This journey, represented by initiation rituals, by mythological heroes and their journeys, is known as the Journey of the hero, for which self-awareness plays an extremely important role.

The DNA Types in that sense also represent potential stages of development, skills or mindset, an individual may develop or experience long a life time. In order to know more visit the advanced trainings or the Essential DNA Types chart.