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Next Generation Leaders bridge the skills gap with the self-awareness competence


  • Self-awareness will become high valuable competence within the following 10-30 years
  • Self-awareness enables and up-levels adaptive capacity, survival-instinct and emotional engagement, learning skills, proactive engagement, innovation capacity, circular thinking, communication, collaboration and co-creativity, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, and more human competences and skills


  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem would like to encourage students, leaders, innovators, consultants, and entrepreneurs to invest time in self-awareness.
  • The self-awareness learning curve takes time, as it is that type of skills learned by doing, for which to read a book is not enough. You need praxis and diversity of challenges in order to mastery.


  • When you increase your self-awareness capacity the benefits are translated immediately to your personal life, family and community, and as well to your professional and business success.
  • By becoming self-aware you discover your skills, natural knowledge and become able to decide your own purpose in life. 
  • Self-knowldge is a direct outcome of self-awareness, learning about yourself, who you are; is essential for you to make strategic choices and decisions in life and business, in order to achieve happiness and thrive!


  • We are creating several alternatives for you to enhance your self-awareness
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