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Strategic Management Tools

We have upgraded Classic Tools for Strategic Management with Matrix-Q Methodology & DNA Types

Tailor-made your training program

Choose the strategic management tools you would like us to include in your training or give us a tool you prefer to utilize for the respective upgrade.

1.) SWOT 9+2.) Vectorial Analysis 9+3.) Systemic Analysis 9+4.) Theory of Change 9+5.) Matrix-Q Algorithms design6.) The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship7.) The 9-Gon of Entrepreneurship8.) Marketing Wheel 9+9.) Other tools10.) Our tools

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The course

We have prepared a course in 3 modules for each strategic management tool (3×170’min)


  • Emotional intelligence and perception, their impact and influence on entrepreneurial decision making and success


  • Harness emotional intelligence for an effective strategic planning.


  • Smart App – Matrix-Q DNA Types (Premium: For Trainers & Leaders)
  • e-Workbook: Mindset Harmonizers
  • Smart App – Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method, e-Trainer
  • e-Learning Program: Matrix-Q Actionable Communication Method

Strategic Management Tools for Leaders

The following strategic management tools have been upgraded with emotional intelligence, DNA Types and strategic use of nature principles.

  • SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat -> [SWOT 9+] 
  • Vectorial Analysis: Visualize the impact of your strategy in relation to your plans and mission -> [ Vectorial Analysis 9+ ]
  • Systemic Analysis: Identify and harness underlying operating systems -> [Systemic Analysis 9+]
  • Theory of Change: Describe the milestones and impact indicators of change -> [Theory of Change 9+]
  • Algorithm Design Principles: Describe a sequence of steps necessary for an end goal -> [ Matrix-Q Algorithms design]
  • Triangle of Wealth: Identify/Create three main wealth generation activities -> [ The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship ] 
  • Quadrant of Entrepreneurship: Self-assessment of entrepreneurial mindset -> [ The 9-Gon of Entrepreneurship ]
  • Marketing Wheel: Identify the next ideal customer according to your learning (product/business development) needs -> [Marketing Wheel 9+]
  • and many others

We constantly upgrade strategic management tools, to up-level strategic management capacity, competences and skills.