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Advanced Training

Tailor-made with DNA Types

[WEBINAR] Tailor-made with DNA Types. 

A training program for consultants, trainers and coaches.

  • We will explore on how to utilize DNA Types to tailor made content and delivery process of their services.
  • Introduction lean learning, lean thinking and lean innovating methodology.
  • Case study: learning by doing, gamification, learning by acing challenges
  • Data generation on “learning capacity”
  • Includes a technical use of the Matrix-Q DNA App, a tool used to generate a DNA Type of a collective or group of individuals.

Nature and its Symbolic Encoded Language

[WEBINAR] Nature & its symbolic encoded language

The webinar will be a journey among nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations. 

We will explore questions like:

  • How the symbolic representation of the world in ancient times did refer to the math that describes nature?
  • Why the symbolic language used had a multi-level (meta language) set of meanings?
  • How contextualization, knowledge of principles of nature, and cultural perceptions, will give meaning to the symbols and language.

And introduce you to the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions.

Fibonacci Proportions & Math

[WEBINAR] Fibonacci Proportions, Geometric Values & Nonary Math.

The mathematics behind DNA Types.

  • Along this webinar we will introduce the research and discovery of the Fibonacci Pattern (Matrix-Q Research Institute) and discuss its implications for natural science, social science and technology.
  • An introduction to Primordial Mathematics : Geometric values
  • We will review chapters of the e-books collection of “Primordial Mathematics”
  • Introduction to the Matrix-Q Algorithms design methtodology
  • Case study: use of primordial mathematics in education, technology, management and science

Human Evolution Time Line

Human evolution time line.

A journey in time, to the past and future of human evolution and human potential.  

  • We will explore in this webinar the story of human evolution from the point of view of development of the ability to utilize, create tools, for solving given challenges by the circumstances.
  • The relationship between tools, language, challenges and emotions.
  • Introduction to collective emotional intelligence and human evolution barriers on our time.
  • A visionary prediction on human civilization advancement
  • The DNT Types and their use for stimulating in humans the unleash of their potential. 

Primordial Archetypes -Tools for the journey of the hero

Primordial Archetypes – Tools for the journey of the hero.

The webinar will introduce the use a number of tools, competences and skills useful for strategic leadership.

  • The e-Work-Book: “How to utilize the primordial archetypes in your daily life, for (personal) leadership and business”.
  • The introduction of the tool: The Primordial Navigation Rose, for strategic management and decision making, risk assessment and risk management.
  • The introduction of the tool: SWOT 9+, an upgrade of the classic SWOT utilizing the DNA Types, emotional intelligence and the ability to shift mindset or perception in order to enable adaptation and learning.
  • The introduction to lean learning, lean thinking and lean innovation methodology.

The Book of the Primordial Changes - A Nonary I Ging

[WEBINAR] The Book of the Primordial Changes – A nonary I Ging: The I GING Ɵ

  • DNA Generation principles behind the DNA Types.
  • From binary to ternary and nonary system for DNA Generation
  • Comparative review between the I GING ( Traditional Chinese Yin & Yang book: “The book of changes” 27.000 years old ) and the I GING Ɵ ( Nonary DNA Generation, Matrix-Q Research Institute “The Book of the Primordial Changes”, research 2007-2019 ) and their implications for the study of history of cultures, gender and society.
  • Review of chapters of the book: I GING Ɵ “The Book of the Primordial Changes”
  • Ancient story telling and the book of the primordial changes. How stories are lessons on primordial principles applied to daily challenges or social pressing issues; and how stories can change or develop a culture.

Prime-Do the Path of the Primordial Hero

[WEBINAR] Prime-Do, The Path of the Primordial Hero.

A non violent martial art inspired by the DNA types.

We will introduce: 

Algorithmic Performing Arts

[WEBINAR] Algorithmic Performing Arts

  • DNA Types applied for performing arts: theater, dance improv., story telling, music composition, symbolic poetry, stage painting and body arts.
  • Introduction to algorithmic story telling
  • How performing arts can help us tell stories that enable reflection, learning and culture development
  • Introduction to algorithmic performing arts applied for collective emotional intelligence development and sustainable growth
  • Introduction to algorithmic dance improv. applied for collective emotional intelligence development and resilience capacity building
  • We will read chapters of the book “The golden book of sensory body-painting” introducing therapeutical applications of algorithmic body arts (tribal body arts) combined with dance improve and sensory awareness practices. Introduction to the e-learning program.

The 9 Economies Model

[WEBINAR] The 9 Economies

We will explore on how the DNA Types also describe 9 categories of economy or added value, innovation. 9 types of future civilizations according to their economy and innovation type.

  • Introduction to the 9 Economies model
  • Case study: non conditional income generation tool
  • Case study: consultants fees calculated with the 9 economies
  • Case study: added value in the economy of gender skills
  • Case study: innovation 
  • Case study: 9 types of future civilizations
  • Introduction to the game of the 9 economies
  • Includes activation of Matrix-Q Tokens for the subscribers

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A.I. Project

Join our A.I. Project.

We will introduce you to the Matrix-Q A.I. Project, and how DNA Types will be utilized.

You will be trained on data generation and data analysis utilizing Matrix-Q Methodology

The Self-awareness A.I. will support our users advance their self-awareness capabilities (A.I. Coach)

Use Cases (DNA Types)

We will introduce you to how self-awareness and DNA Types can be utilized to for solving pressing issues