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  • We create a bridge between nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilization and solutions necessary for our present and future global pressing issues

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The 9 Cyphers

[ The 9 Cyphers ]

The DNA Types utilize a symbolic encoded language known as cyphers. 

In cryptography, a cipher (or cypher) is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption—a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure (wiki)

The 9 cyphers represent principles, geometric values and human potential.

Leadership Style - Stages of Development

Leadership Styles Stages of Development

According to the DNA Types there are 9+ stages of development of a leader.

Leadership involve the mastery of a number of competences, skills and knowledge that enable decision making, execution, leading others and own self, according to a mission statement, engage into the achieving of goals set with an agreement, and the ability to respond to conditions provided by the given variable circumstances.

The (personal) leadership style may vary according to circumstance. But can we choose ? 

Systemic Impact Levels

Systemic Impact Levels

In the execution of (personal) leadership, the impact may vary in its nature. The outcome could be detrimental to the ecosystem (footprint) or neutral, as well as positive.

The ability to manage risk, as well as of implementing strategic management, is not lineal or unidimensional.There exist the possibility to develop parallel and nested levels of strategic action.

The ability to manage one or more level of impact is equivalent to the capacity of systemic impact. 

We will introduce a game and a model for the praxis of systemic impact.

The Primordial Archetypes [ The Journey of the Hero ]

The Primordial Archetypes [ The Journey of the Hero ]

Myth is not the same as Math. But Math can tell the story of the hero and its journey will become a Myth.

We will explore on the archetypes described by the DNA Types, and their own journey, stages of development.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell approach to mythology, in his description of the universal image of the hero, and the cosmogonic cycle, and legends of ancient cultures and civilizations on the creation of the universe, as well as in the classical hero archetypes: warrior, love, world redeemer and saint. 

We will introduce the primordial archetypes of sound, geometry and their correlation with the DNA Types.

Advanced Training


RSVP for the following webinars or on-site trainings

  • Nature & its symbolic encoded language. A journey among nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations. 
  • Tailor-made with DNA Types. For consultants, trainers and coaches, how to utilize DNA Types to tailor made content and delivery process of their services.
  • Fibonacci Proportions, Geometric Values & Nonary Math. The mathematics behind DNA Types.
  • Human evolution time line. A journey in time, to the past and future of human evolution and human potential.  
  • Primordial Archetypes – Tools for the journey of the hero. Work-Book: “How to utilize the primordial archetypes in your daily life, for (personal) leadership and business”, and other tools useful for strategic navigation along your journey.
  • Prime-Do, The Path of the Primordial Hero. A non violent martial art inspired by the DNA types : The 9 primordial principles of health, happiness and joy. The art of war, peace, life and sustainable development of the DNA Types.
  • The Book of the Primordial Changes – A nonary I Ging : DNA Generation principles behind the DNA Types.
  • Algorithmic Performing Arts – DNA Types applied for performing arts: theater, dance improv., story telling, music composition, symbolic poetry, stage painting and body arts.
  • The 9 Economies. We will explore on how the DNA Types also describe 9 categories of economy or added value, innovation. 9 types of future civilizations according to their economy and innovation type.

Use Cases

Use cases we encourage you to review:

Would you like to explore on the application of the DNA Types for a challenge you are facing today ?

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Self-awareness Wiki

The self-awareness app utilize natural language. But you may like to review the general definitions of some terms we use. Visit our Self-Awareness WIKI 

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