Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenges we are about to discover



Thanks to self-awareness we notice the type of reactions our subconscious mind has, when something happen in our private life or business, and we get a little chance to change the course of actions, and outcomes, starting with how we choose to respond to a given situation or challenge.

Thanks to self-awareness capacity strategic competences can be applied at their highest level of potential:  attention, self-observation, perception, copying, response, focus, process, risk assessment, impact assessment, decision making, strategy, execution, communication, learning.

Without self-awareness the use of human potential, own personal resources and competences, would be of 10% or less.

We can use the metaphor of a pilot. Self-awareness is like the the pilot on a airplane. If you fall asleep, autopilot can not help you arrive to your destination or make better choices under unexpected circumstances. In our modern times leaders must face increasing levels of complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and change. In order to respond proactively to those challenges, the pilot should be fully present and aware. 

Without self-awareness, 90% of the opportunities, positive challenges, learning experiences, disruptive ideas, innovation power and leadership opportunities will pass through our lives, without us noticing.

Imagine that you spend a great deal of resources, time and thinking, hoping for an idea or an opportunity to arise, but the instant it is there you do not recognize it, because you are not self-aware. If you would be self-aware you would notice how the event matches the code (DNA) of that you are looking for.

Self-awareness is about being aware of yourself, but also of the world that approaches you, and being skillful at identifying how those events, if any, are a match to your needs, goals or plans.

About Us

Matrix-Q Methodology Applied:  

Human + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed

The Self-Awareness Apps & associated complementary services have been designed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute and  MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V. (ICT Solutions Development Company), The Netherlands.  KVK 72972181


We have developed a new data-driven methodology for assessment of problems, acquisition of knowledge, capacity building and design of solutions, including digital scalable products.

We utilize nature inspired principles, emotional intelligence knowledge, new encoding and algorithms design methodology, and new technology design principles.

Our products and services enable in the users an experience that enhances their capacity to conquer uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and change. 

Our technology help leaders optimize the management of the human capital 4.0 = human + A.I. + Automatons. 

We believe that advanced human competences combined with knowledge and technology are the solution for pressing global issues experienced today, a solution that enables collective (emotional) intelligence and sustainable circular growth.